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Product Name:Sublimation Photo Slate

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Detailed Product Description:

Item: Photo Slate

Model No.: SDD-BS-03

Material: Natural Cleaving Stone


Photo slate is a kind of polished natural metamorphic rocks specially designed for photo printing, which can print your favorite photos with beautiful effect.

The Photo slate is perfect for decoration at home and office, and also a good choice as gifts for friends.


1, Natural:

Selected advanced and natural cleaving stone and made precisely by the professional craftsman.


2, Characteristic:

Kept waterproof and anti-scratch away from the damage after proceeding the special coating. The printing area is excellent in the aspect of color fastness and brightness after proceeding of polish and special coating.


3, Making processing:

A. Print the photo on the sublimation paper. (Epson Inkjet Printer + sublimation ink)

B. Stick the paper and stone with high temperature tape.

C. Transfer the photo from paper onto the rock with flat heat press machine, under 180 degree for 180 seconds

D. Remove paper before the rock get cold.


Photo slate can be printed by 3D sublimation machine now.


Natural rock image, let’s close to nature!